eat shit

Your (Presumeably) First Introduction to Paul Outerbridge

In meat packer's gloves on December 21, 2010 at 7:29 pm

by Mimsy Leguin

was this photo:

“The trompe l’oeil is the ironic simulacrum of reality. It is what surrealism was to the functionalist revolution of the early twentieth century — surrealism being but an ironic reverie on the principle of functionality. And like trompe l’oeil surrealism is not quite part of art or art history, for their concern is with a metaphysical dimension, and not with matters of style. They attack our sense of reality or functionality and, therefore, our sense of consciousness. They seek out the wrong or reverse side of things, and undermine the world’s apparent factuality. This is why the pleasure that they give us, their seductiveness, however small, is radical; for it comes from a radical surprise borne of appearances, from a life prior to the mode of production of the real world.”

Yes, I typed all this out for you, dear readers. Yes, Baudrillard is baller. Yes, that is a nude wearing meat packer’s gloves. Is it art? Well, what do you think?


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