eat shit

Songs of the Day courtesy of THE RESIDENTS.

In music on December 21, 2010 at 8:00 pm

by Mimsy Leguin

Merry Christmas from The Residents.

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Is this like a domestic acid trip gone terribly wrong, complete with a Hitler look-alike literally seeing red, and his wife’s crazy bloodtears prophesying a murder to come because her husband forgot to tell her she was pretty? Am I speaking from experience? Does it matter?  This video has led me to one glorious conclusion: Marriage only leads to demented panoramic-cum-voyeuristic views of your living room, replete with bloodied eyes, sexless grief, and a lilting creepoid voice talking about decorum, or something. Rule.

When I read The Divine Comedy for the first time in college, I became completely, dementedly obsessed with the idea of the virginal Beatrice as the ultimate, unattainable avatar of feminine virtue and perfection. This was mostly because I was in love with a boy who was still in love with his first love (the Beatrice) who left him.  This song is a perfect, darkly apt juxtaposition of that insane, mostly unspoken, obsession, and also just a perfect example in general of how cool a voice sounds when you turn the speed way down. Perfect.


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