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Squid Pro Quo: A Brief Dissertation

In food on December 16, 2010 at 6:06 pm

by Mimsy Leguin

Readers, I am here to inform you of that which I incessantly crave:

Y'all better squid-daddle!

If you are averse to anything that remotely elicits thoughts of pungent sea oders, I suggest you desist from reading any further. If, however, you are, as I am, deeply infatuated with the briny, sweet, salty, MSG-laden morsels of dried, shredded squid, do read on.

Perhaps there are other ways in which to eat this delightful treat, but here is my only, and favorite, way:

+ Seal yourself away from any prying eyes or curious hands. This will allow you to eat your dried, shredded squid snack (known, thusly, as DSSS) undisturbed.

+ Have a nice, cold glass of lemon water handy, to offset the occasionally overwhelming sense of thirst you may experience after frantically wolfing down a handful of these juicy bits.

+ Steel yourself from fear of arsenic poisoning. Reason that if you do die from such a preventable cause, you will die happy, with the taste of salty MSG and chewy squid still bursting in your mouth. After all, as Nietzsche says, “We do not believe that the truth remains true once the veil has been lifted.” Concurrently, we at Beyond Food and Evil do not believe that the horror of arsenic poisoning remains true once the veil of Umami has been lifted. Or something.

+ Open your mouth and proceed to thoroughly masticate.


  1. I see vendors shredding squid all over Seoul, but I’ve not yet gotten up the nerve to approach one (because of my lack of Korean, not for fear of the squid itself.)

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